Hi, I'm Aaron Thompson.

I'm a frontend developer based in London and this blog is me teaching myself. Enjoy!👇


I wasn't always a web developer, I started my professional life as a chemical engineer working in oil and gas. Long story short, I made the switch in early 2019 and haven't looked back since. I started out working as a frontend developer in a WordPress agency and have since transitioned to focusing on product development with React and JavaScript.

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A closure is a function bundled with its lexical environment JavaScript is a lexically scoped lang...

Function Composition

All of software development is composition. The breaking down of huge problems into smaller pieces an...

Objects and how to make them

I've recently been trying to get my head around how to make objects in JavaScript (specifically, many...

Code Encapsulation

Recently I've been trying to become a better software engineer and programmer and something I’m tryin...

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